WWDC 2016 TLDR. Improving Existing Apps with Modern Best Practices.

WWDC is a great source of newest and hottest stuff on all iOS/macOS/etc. software development topics. It is great that last years Apple stared »

RxSwift Action

FRP and RxSwift FRP has a lot of benefits over typical iOS development patterns: declarative nature, redused state complexity, ease of doing async work, unified data »

Template Method in Swift

Template Method is one of the GoF design patterns that is widely used in any OOP language. In this article we'll take a look at Template »

iOS Interview Questions For Senior Developers

Update: I'm working on a guide to iOS interviews. Sign up here: http://iosinterviewguide.com/ to get updates on the progress. Recently I’ve been interviewing »

iOS Development as a Service

Architecture approach Our general iOS application’s architecture stands on following patterns: Service layers, MVVM, UI Data Binding, Dependency Injection; and Functional Reactive Programming paradigm. We »

Best Trello Plugins

Hey, I’m Yuliya. Ironically, I work at an IT company and I’m not a tech girl at all! I don’t need any pity »