iOS Interview Questions For Senior Developers

Update: I've published a book that helps you prep for iOS interviews: It covers the following questions and more. Update: there's a revised »

Ruby JSON Mapping

Usually when we build apps we generate JSON on the backend using Ruby/Rails and send it to iOS side. On the iOS side we parse »

Dart Summit 2015

Last week I attended the Dart Developer Summit here in San Francisco. It was a great event and the Dart Team showed a surprising amount of »

Swift Protocols Cheatsheet

Swift protocols define an interface or type that other structures can conform to. This includes structures such as: classes, structs, enums, and other protocols. Just like »

Swift Enum Cheatsheet

In Objective-C enums (Enumerated type) define grouped constants for fixed values. These could be days of the week, styles, types, modes, etc. To refresh your memory »

CocoaPods + Bundler + RVM == Happy iOS Dependency Management

Ok, we all are smart developers and do not drag and drop dependencies in our iOS Xcode project and use CocoaPods instead, right? Good. But on »