Best Trello Plugins

Hey, I’m Yuliya. Ironically, I work at an IT company and I’m not a tech girl at all! I don’t need any pity though. My lifestyle has changed since I started working with the guys at Smart Cloud. In fact, my non-tech mind has been blown away and I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned through hard won experience.

The hero of the day is my beloved Trello. At Smart Cloud we constantly use this tool and as a non-geek-girl-pretending-to-be-one I want it to be ultimately customized. I’m currently test driving some plug ins that I found on the web. Check out what I found.

Scrum for Trello

Our first plugin is Scrum for Trello. They say this is the most handy scrum extension and makes Trello a complete package for Agile. Once you install the plugin a series of Fibonacci numbers appears on each task card allowing you to evaluate estimated and consumed points.

Scrum for Trello. Screenshot1

Total points are displayed on the card, list name, and board corner.

Scrum for Trello. Screenshot2

I have mixed feelings about Scrum for Trello and I’ll explain why. The most difficult thing for me to understand is the Fibonacci series. Sorry guys, I’m really not fond of math.Thank God you can adjust the plugin and choose any scale you want. At Smart Cloud we use it as a time. To adjust open plugin settings and ‘tune’ the estimated buttons.
Scrum for Trello. Screenshot3

  • Simple to install and use
  • Easy to adjust
  • One step process
  • Handy count card
  • For me, it’s not fully functional plugin and requires to be installed along with the other plugins (Burndown for Trello, for instance).
  • Fibonacci numbers

Burndown for Trello

Burndown for Trello is a cousin project to Scrum for Trello. Can you imagine Agile, especially Scrum, without Burndown charts? The need for these became crystal clear to me after test driving Burndown for Trello. You can quickly analyze your work process because it gives you valuable information such as the percentage of total hours/points and the estimated completion date at your current rate of work.
Burndown for Trello. Screenshot1

For picture people this tool seems extremely handy. I think we can all agree that the project manager doesn’t have time to precisely analyze information that he/she sees in the Trello board. That’s why this plugin is a great help!

  • They want you to upgrade to a full account to see Burndown directly in Trello, otherwise you’re going to be redirected
  • You must enter your estimates in the form by hand if you don’t use Scrum for Trello

Gmail to Trello

My best friend among plug-ins - Gmail to Trello.
It’s nice to have this tool handy when you’re overwhelmed with tasks from the onsite team. It’s plain and simple. Just push a button, add a card, fill out the form and it appears in the board and list you’ve chosen.

Gmail to Trello. Screenshot1

Plus for Trello

Fall in love with Plus for Trello!
I’ll definitely use this in the future. This plugin includes: Burn-downs, timers, charts, spending/expense reports. This might be overkill for most of you, but in contrast to Scrum for Trello it allows you to choose the way you want to manage your time. I’m fond of timetracker and constantly use it for self-management.
Plus for Trello. Screenshot1

I also like the this tool’s clear step-by-step guide and popups. These features are convenient for a not-so-techy-girl like me.

Plus for Trello. Screenshot2

Plus for Trello also has a feature I haven’t seen in Burndown - quick access to cards, reports, and boards with the Chrome plus menu.
Plus for Trello. Screenshot3

A huge plus of any software is constants updates. The Plus for Trello team definitely came through on this.
Nothing is perfect though and there are some cons:

  • No iPhone app
  • It takes a lot of time to became familiar with all of the included feature
  • Even if this plugin doesn’t suit your needs I advise that you take it for a test drive, maybe you’ll find something new

Reports for Trello

Another plugin with good process visualization is Reports for Trello.
It’s perfect for when you need to show visual material in meetings. It’s simple to use and highly customizable. It’s the only plugin that I found inviting to the eye. Plus you can see your info in the form of:

  • Time editor
  • Summary
  • Stacked Graph
  • Timeline Graph
    Reports for Trello. Screenshot1

Although the reporting features are not innovative (we’ve seen them in Burndown for Trello and Plus for Trello) or necessary, especially in small teams, the format is eye catching.

Carcounter for Trello

Carcounter for Trello is a little bit different than the other plugins we’ve looked at. The function is obvious from the name. This is another tool to manage your time and work progress in an easy way - the number of cards is displayed in the list corner in orange block.

Beautify for Trello

Last but not least we have Beautify for Trello. It’s the most girlish of the plugins I found. You may ask, who needs this arty thing? I need it, that’s who! There should be a place for beauty in your work process. It’s too bad that this this plugin is not popular and has no current updates, but my boards are prettier now!
Beautify for Trello. Screenshot1


To sum up, after two weeks using Trello plugins I can say the most effective one in my opinion was Plus for Trello. I like everything about this plugin. For me, it replaces Scrum and Burndown for Trello. It’s the personal opinion of this IT newbie and I’d love to hear your opinion on the subject. What’s your favorite Trello plugin and why? How often do you use it? Let’s chat!