Smart Cloud Dev Process

Collaboration Here at Smart Cloud we embrace remote work. We have developers in San Francisco, Germany, Slovakia, and Russia. Sometimes there is a 15 hours gap »

Trello Vs Sprintly,, Jira As an Agile Scrum Management Tool

Last Sunday @alexp and I(@alexb) spent several hours discussing and figuring out what project management software to use on our new iteration of one of »

Rails 3 STI Class Loading Bug In Development Mode

Problem: Using deep STI(meaning more than one level of inheritance for your STI models) with Rails 3 you might get an error ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound: when »

Rails Versioning

Problem: Lately I’ve been working on a Rails project and since I’m coming from iOS and Android background I had a need in versioning »

Android Java Custom Collection Wrapper

Problem     Recently been working on an Android app and had a need to iterate over a collection of non orbitrary objects(ArrayList or »