Testflight Builds From Scratch Checklist

Pushing Testflight builds to your testers should be simple, and it is when you get a hand of it. Here is a short checklist for you to not get lost in all the requirements to get started with TF builds.

In order to push you first TestFlight build you should:

  1. Be a member of Client's team in Apple Developer Member Center and iTunes Connect.
  2. Create an App ID in Apple Developer Member Center.
  3. Create an App on iTunes Connect and specify correct:
  • bundle id
  • prefix from Member Center

  1. In XCode project settings put the same bundle id and specify a version.
  2. Add your Apple Id in XCode accounts settings. Make sure the client's team with iOS development program appears.
  3. Select client's team in XCode Project Settings (under version input).
  4. Don't change default signing/provisioning settings in Build Settings.
  5. Create a new request file in keychain access "Request a Certificate from Certificate Authority". Make sure you specified your Apple ID email address which is associated with the Client's team.
  6. Create, download, and install a Distribution Certificate from Apple Developer Member Center.
  7. Add an icon image to your project. (Yeah, this is a required thing.)
  8. Archive your project and submit it to App Store. Press "fix issues" button if something hasn't set up yet.
  9. On iTunes Connect go to Prerelease section and enable Testflight testing for your build.
  10. Add internal testers (before that make users to be testers in Users and Roles)
  11. Send invites to external testers.

As a tester, follow these steps on your device:

  1. Install TestFlight app from the App Store.
  2. Open invite email on your device, tap "Open in TestFlight" button, then it lead you to TestFlight app, then accept your app's invite there.

NOTE: opening invite email and tapping "Open in Testflight" button in not native mail client app might not work. So, as a proven solution you should open invite email in native iOS Mail app. Make sure you've added your apple id' email account into iOS system accounts in Settings > Mail...

NOTE: if you don't have your tester's email set up in the native iOS mail app then you could do a small trick - open the invitation email in your favorite email client on your iOS device. Hold down the "Open in Testflight" link and copy the link address. Open Safari and paste it in the search bar.